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Recent publications:

Diasporic Avant-Gardes:
Experimental Poetics
and Cultural Displacement,
ed. with Carrie Noland
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)

The Constructivist Moment:
From Material Text to Cultural Poetics
(Wesleyan UP, 2003)

I read Grand Piano 1–7, chronologically,
writer by writer, instead of volume by volume, lying in bed, on a Sunday.
—Suzanne Stein, on FaceBook

A vital contribution to the collective memory
of the poetry of that period. . . . The relationship
of the individual to the society and its intermediate institutions, such as the Grand Piano readings,
is relevant to any thoughtful analysis of the
place of poetry writing and production today.
—James Sherry, Jacket 34

French trans. Martin Richet
(Le Quartanier, Montreal, P.Q.)

 Progress/Under Erasure
(Green Integer, 2004)

The collective autobiographers are less
interested in revising the past and more
interested in using the narratives of their history
to further contextualize the complex poetics
and communal history of that poetics for the future. . . to nurture an arena of possibilities
where ideas can be exchanged.
—Rob Fitterman, “Futuring
The Grand Piano

The Grand Piano is itself a veering off
and an investigation and a playing or
experimenting with the materials of
language, history, textuality, and
temporality, the personal and political,
poetry and community . . . . There is an
abundance to linger over in The Grand
Piano even as and perhaps because of the
large gaps and contradictions.
—Robin Tremblay-McGaw,






Winter/Spring 2013 Events

Modern Language Association
    3–6 January 2013, Boston

The Poet-Scholar
    with Hillary Gravendyk (chair), Julie Carr,
    Heather Dubrow, Margaret Ronda,
    Jennifer Scappettone, and Juliana Spahr
Session 150, 7:00-8:15 PM, Thursday, 3 January

Marxism and Modernist Studies Today
    with Jason Baskin (chair) and Ruth Jennison
Session 370, 3:30-4:45 PM, Friday, 4 January
"Modernism and the Accumulation of Value:
    Political Economy in transition (1927–38)"

Louisville Conference on Literature After 1900
    University of Louisville, 21-24 February 2013

The New Archive: Poetics and Politics, Theory
    and Practice
    with Kaplan Harris and Adelaide Morris
3:15–4:45 PM, Friday, 22 February
"Accessing the Global Archive"

American Comparative Literature Association
    "Global Positioning Systems"
    4–7 April 2013, Toronto

Uproot, Downroot: Performance Art as Positioning
Antje Budde and Elin Diamond, chairs
Time and date t/k
"dOCUMENTA 13 as Global Archive"

Correspondences: Modern Art and Universals
    Museum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland, 11–12 April 2013

“Modernism, Historicism, and Universals”

5th Annual Summer Academy
    Bavarian-American Academy/University
    of Erlangen-Nuremberg, 20 May–3 June, 2013

Critical Regionalism in Politics and Culture
Amerikahaus, Munich, time t/k, 24 May 2013
“Critical Regionalism and Modernist Studies:
    Transnationalism and Abstraction in transition (1927–38)”